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CKAN is one of the world's leading open data publishing platforms, used by,, the European Commission’s open data portal, and numerous national, regional and local portals from Austria to Brazil. CKAN is also incorporated into the Open Government Platform (OGPL), a global standard reference software stack for open government data management, an initiative led by the US and India.

Whythawk delivers integrated open- and research data consulting, data publishing software, and training for open knowledge projects for governments and institutions. Our consultants and developers have worked as far afield as Nigeria and Pakistan, and Australia to Mexico.

We are the open data professionals and we would love to work with you.

Try our CKAN open data demonstration site yourself, or contact us for an obligation-free guided tour.


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Alif Ailaan US General Services Administration Edo State, Nigeria Development Data Group, World Bank Public Health Research Data Forum The Open Data Institute United Nations Western Cape Department of Economic Development