Every consulting engagement is different but we also appreciate that our clients often have limited experience of the obligation they may be committing to before they start. With the proviso that we will need to scope your particular circumstances, please find a list of standardised fees. Individual software platforms vary, depending on the nature of support, hosting, or licenses required. These are not quoted here.


Open data initiation and implementation (7 – 9 weeks):

Our professional team will work with you to scope your requirements for open data publication, develop your capacity for delivery, and launch your platform:

  • Project kickoff and weekly calls through launch date;
  • Site planning, including assessment of organisation structure and publisher workflows;
  • Site design, including open data publication software selection, minor UX changes, retheming and HTML/CSS;
  • Custom pages for About, Terms of Service, etc;
  • Guidance on data release licenses;
  • Administrative training and guidance on upload of datasets;
  • Online training material provision for users and site administrators;
  • Deployment of agreed open data publication software (cost of software + customisation outside of this initiation service);
 £15,800 | $26,400 | €18,960


Technical support:

Technical and administrative support (SLA) available to draw down on a monthly basis:

  • Consultancy/advice: on process, functionality and open data policy;
  • Software deployment: setting up the open data software of your choice;
  • Custom development: for example, integrating with another service, development of new features, customisation of input forms and schemas, and site theming;
  • Support/upgrades: technical support, incl. version upgrades;
  • Bug fixing: quickly resolving any issues with your deployment.
 £105|$175|€125 / hour

£98|$163|€118 / hour when >20 days purchased at once 

Specialist modifications / extensions:

There are a range of ways in which open data publication software can be modified to suite your specific requirements. This is by no means an exhaustive list:

  • Custom harvester development for automated/bulk importing of existing/regularly updated data;
  • Modification of metadata standard to address requirements such as DDI, etc;
  • Deployment alongside a Content Management System such as Wordpres s or Drupal;
  • Custom workflows for document management and publication;
  • Custom JavaScript and UX development to enhance site;
  • Custom dashboard development based on engagement requirements;


One-day Introduction for Open Data

£950|$1,580|€1,140 per course

One-day Course

The case for Open Data

Releasing data

Publishing a catalogue

Using OD publication software: a tutorial

Building a community

Open Data Administrators and Publishers

£900|$1,500|€1,080 / person (minimum 5 people)

Five-day course

Open Data Fundamentals

Open Data Technology for Users

Open Data Management

Legal & Policy Aspects

Strategy & Change Management

Community Engagement

Fees listed valid from 1st January 2014 to 31 March 2014. All prices exclude any relevant local taxes or expenses (e.g. travel, accommodation and any venue-hire requirements). Discounts will be available dependent on scale, volume and length of commitment.